Happy Easter, and welcome to my very first “What’s on my rack?” My friends who follow my blog often comment on my clothes, and so I thought it would be cool to start posting about what I wear. These will be posted every Sunday, so stay informed :)

This Sunday, we will be looking at three of my favorite spring season tops + sweater.

Starting from the left, we have my Altru Apparel Shark + Waves pattern button-down. It’s light, feels great and goes with most jeans and khaki pants/shorts. This shirt sells retail from Altru at about $77 USD.

Next we have H&M’s Oxford Shirt. Woven in cotton fabric, this shirt keeps you warm while giving a denim-esque look to your outfit. 100% cotton. This shirt from H&M sells retail at $29.95 USD.

Finally we have an American Eagle graphic hoodie sweater. This has a feel akin to a t-shirt, but the comfortable material and light hod make this a quick seller. works with or without anything underneath. This sweater from AE sells retail at $34.95 USD.

That concludes this Sunday’s “What’s on my rack?” 

Be sure to come back next Sunday to see what else I pick out for my rack.

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